How Much Malarkey Is In Biden's 2022 Budget? 

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James Corden kicks off the last show before Memorial Day Weekend and he wants to know what the gang is up to. After, we jump into the news about the back-and-forth about the 2022 federal budget a discussion breaks out about what is the superior pig-in-a-blanket.

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27. mai. 2021





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that guy
that guy 15 dager siden
Can someone send the link about the glomers act, I’m trying to read about the reduction, thanks!
yi chen
yi chen 16 dager siden
Bomb 💣 this funny fucking neighborhood in San Diego lolzzzzz!!’nnnnnnnn
Ezana 16 dager siden
I love Pete! They should make an emoji of that handsign.
yi chen
yi chen 17 dager siden
Omg 😱 I was playing my Yamaha guitar 🎸 under the hippie treee now I’m the dusty balll of this ducking fucking neighborhood fuck!!!’
yi chen
yi chen 17 dager siden
FYI I’m the sound of vacuum cleaner of this fucking lol neighborhoood?’ 💣🤬
Luxsword29 17 dager siden
There's pâté and pâtée, be careful. lol
yi chen
yi chen 18 dager siden
I luv u died British especially yo James !!!!!’
yi chen
yi chen 18 dager siden
yi chen
yi chen 18 dager siden
Passs away?!
yi chen
yi chen 18 dager siden
U would like to selll me a 80,00000gazillion milesz accident bumper car for alll my bank acccout that’s right u British Boy!
María Clemencia Mora Herrera
Why assume that the person that invented the “pig in blanket” (British version) is a male? In all likelihood it was a lady-cook.
Asian Appa TV
Asian Appa TV 20 dager siden
Shoe Hoarder
Shoe Hoarder 20 dager siden
How dare you, red lobster is excellent
Kate Burke
Kate Burke 20 dager siden
Can you put one direction back together James?
rob schwag
rob schwag 21 dag siden
Love watching him riff displaying natural comic skill. It really helps me... sleep
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 21 dag siden
You know psychology been around for a long time -- long before I said anything about it
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 21 dag siden
Then again -- there you are
Ssg8 21 dag siden
I love you and your show but if you don’t have P!nk on singing “all I know so far” you’re a fat wanker…😂
Nathan 21 dag siden
James the UK Hates you
Frances Duty
Frances Duty 22 dager siden
Thank the inventor of pigs in a blanket for clogged arteries.
Frances Duty
Frances Duty 22 dager siden
Is he supposed to do everything overnight? Give man time. The voters gave Trump four years of fuck up , now give THE MAN, a minute or two to make things real.
yi chen
yi chen 22 dager siden
Berrry Cali in the dirtiest plzzzzz!!!!!
yi chen
yi chen 22 dager siden
My baby neeeds a lawyer plz!!!’nnn
James Joshua Escandor
James Joshua Escandor 22 dager siden
The funny argument of Brad and Ian is the Best SO FAR
eLLe Booggie
eLLe Booggie 22 dager siden
4:00 PERFECTLY 👌said!!!! I can now tell that to my kids that voted.🙌
old grey cat
old grey cat 23 dager siden
From Peter's pockets full of bratwurst to the cat paté reminded me - liverwurst is made from liver, bratwurst is made from ...
Jacqueline Veigh
Jacqueline Veigh 23 dager siden
We call pigs in a blanket cabbage with hamburger meat and rice rolled up and boiled or pressure cooked in tomato soup
Andreas Lutz
Andreas Lutz 23 dager siden
Also called "Berner Würstchen" (Würstchen =sausage in german) coming from Bern, capitol of Swiss.😊😎
Ayad Ali
Ayad Ali 23 dager siden
😂😂😂Santa B baby!🤣🤣🤣
Ayad Ali
Ayad Ali 23 dager siden
EnderZ13 23 dager siden
Cat food/dog food - animal byproducts. People eat hotdogs. Same thing. Why are people horrified by this? "I ate something I feed to my _pets?!"_ If that horrifies you, you should not be allowed to own an animal.
Frederick Hunt
Frederick Hunt 23 dager siden
June 25th, The Nativity of St. John the Baptist. June 24th mIdsommer. June 29th the Feast of Sts. Peter & Paul (and my birthday). Forget this Junemass silliness.
iutiubdotkomm 23 dager siden
@6:21 Aldi is actually a German brand by two of the richest and most peculiar Germans. That is why it was called ALbrecht DIscount
Constantinos Iliopoulos
Caté 😁😁
Karen Z
Karen Z 23 dager siden
Aldi is a German supermarket chain , but nice they are doing something for Britains
Layla Free
Layla Free 23 dager siden
I saved money for two years, worked two jobs, to pay for my college. I took out a $1500/semester student loan, which I paid back over years. I was also a single mother during that time. When you continue to treat 18 yr olds like 5 year olds we end up with a bunch of self entitled, whiney, grown children. They can pay back their student loans. They were told they would have to pay them back. They were of the age of majority and understood the terms of the contract when they signed it.
truth teller
truth teller 23 dager siden
Joe is back (uncut video) nosections.info/green/w32TgWukl2-nrJU/video.html
Freda Voris
Freda Voris 24 dager siden
The legal market conversantly reply because japan bodily dust across a painstaking gemini. tiresome, xenophobic sideboard
Daniel Baumann
Daniel Baumann 24 dager siden
Santa B??? No-one says that. That's bad and you guys should feel bad.
Mythradites 24 dager siden
LCPL Jeremy W. Burris, KIA Oct 8, 2007 CPL Jeremy D. Allbaugh, KIA July 5, 2007 SGT James OJ Alvarado, June 1, 2014 SSGT Matthew P Muro, Nov 2018 LTCOL Sean Roche, April 27, 2017 These were just a few of the Marines I served with who left this earthly world while still in Uniform. Semper Fidelis, lost but never forgotten. This is their weekend.
hannah kate thorpe
hannah kate thorpe 24 dager siden
It’s the same in Canada!!i was DUMBFOUNDED when I found out they call sausage rolls pigs in blankets. How has North America not come across the original pig in blanket!?!?!?!
K W 24 dager siden
I love Santa Barbara. Make sure to eat at Arigato while you are there. Best sushi you will ever have in the states. And you have to go to the public market for the norteno taco at Corazon Cocina, and the drunken noodles at Empty Bowl.
Danielle Alessi
Danielle Alessi 24 dager siden
I can’t get enough of these lately! The format works for you guys 💯🤗❤️👍
Minolta Araya
Minolta Araya 24 dager siden
When James said we got our free education!!👏🏾😭 They're gonna learn come primary time, fool me once...
Whit Taylor
Whit Taylor 24 dager siden
James Corden can say the most banal things and make them hilarious.
Alexander Berner
Alexander Berner 24 dager siden
Aldi is german, not british ...
StillNoCouch 24 dager siden
'Nuf w/ Ian already.
Judy Howe
Judy Howe 24 dager siden
I physically laught out loud and talk back to you guys when I watch these days later😆😂🤣
D.E.B. B
D.E.B. B 24 dager siden
Just like daylight savings time doesn't increase the amount of daylight, starting summer on May 30th doesn't increase summer. Summer used to start at the end of June, when kids got out of school. So now we've decided that it starts on Memorial day? Soon it will be declared to start right after easter.
Sylvia Tamie Anan
Sylvia Tamie Anan 24 dager siden
8:17 What makes him think it was a GUY?
Alexandra Elevazo
Alexandra Elevazo 25 dager siden
Dear Late Late Show, Where is Nick? Has he been fired or did he accept the other job offers he was talking about the other day? 😂
Charlie Kim
Charlie Kim 25 dager siden
In Ontario Canada...we have Christmas in July.
Samya.the.Author 25 dager siden
I showed my mom the bit of Reggie breaking down the budget and I kid you not she watched the whole thing attentively. It wasn’t until the end when I broke down laughing that she realized it was a joke😂
Sherry Hesner
Sherry Hesner 25 dager siden
Brittany D
Brittany D 25 dager siden
Who else immediately googled the Kimpton Canary Hotel in SB, out of curiosity?!
Tracey Holt
Tracey Holt 25 dager siden
It's here in Australia .... "Puffy Dogs"
bon bon
bon bon 25 dager siden
Canada already had their first long weekend holiday, Victoria day on Mon May 24. Happy Memorial day to all my American friends!
Teresita Uy
Teresita Uy 25 dager siden
What am I going to watch all this long weekend without you James ?
Jeda Benel
Jeda Benel 25 dager siden
ing the foundations of democracy. While the Chinese are conquering the world. Before my eyes and mind, I am watching the end of an empire, while 20% of Americans believe Jesus the Son will return in their lives !! Moreover, And the election was stolen from the foolish criminal idiot, the chauvinist and the cursed racist. The God of the imagination will not save you, he does not exist !! A divided United States will not stand up to hegemonic China! And we will wake up in a nightmare dream in the Chinese language. The world is watching in anxiety and fear in the face of a billion and a half Chinese.
Locke Lamorra
Locke Lamorra 25 dager siden
FFS This is the dumbest video I've ever seen. Thankyou so much.
Jukka Miettinen
Jukka Miettinen 25 dager siden
warren 25 dager siden
if james corden can do a friends reunion why can't he do a 1D REUNION?? Am I right directioners??
Pieter Van Baekel
Pieter Van Baekel 25 dager siden
Aldi is German Jimmy 😘
Pieter Van Baekel
Pieter Van Baekel 25 dager siden
It's very american of you to think it's from your own country 😅
Omen 25 dager siden
Life lesson learned. Politicians will always lie.
Kris M
Kris M 25 dager siden
Pigs in blankets are all year around available in NL. I used to hide them in big layers of ketchup when i was young, thats how much i detested them.. And i was quite the meatlover. I had the pigs ears from the soup when that was still in fashion..
澄明な空 25 dager siden
Asweatyhog 25 dager siden
This coming from a guy who didn’t like his own country so he comes to America and tells us how we should be doing things? I call that Malarkey.
Pam R
Pam R 25 dager siden
sarina 26 dager siden
technically, aldi is german 🤔
cayennepe. Last
cayennepe. Last 26 dager siden
It’s just not funny, sorry.
peter g
peter g 26 dager siden
please never let reggie talk
The Brethren Matthew 23:8
James, if u continue ur show this way, am sorry ur show will b cancelled.
Kay Uwe Böhm
Kay Uwe Böhm 26 dager siden
All increased oil, gas and coal in the world as far as possible also USA for coal etc. E-cars need coal and gas power and solar panels etc. n oil, gas & coal exporting countries insignificant at 550Gt CO2 natural turnover / year Germany only - 50Mt!
Randy Schwing
Randy Schwing 26 dager siden
James playing with fire during that Canary exchange...
No One
No One 26 dager siden
This show will be forgotten again as soon as they introduce the studio audience back. Every comment is about how much better the show is as-is.
MrDjsmooth87 26 dager siden
How the hell did none of them know what a pig in a blanket was!?
Mazen Gawish
Mazen Gawish 26 dager siden
Hanging around time is reduced recently, why is that? 😡
Proboscis 26 dager siden
9:16 At 10 o'clock, funny he kept David's head!
I am Metal
I am Metal 26 dager siden
Whats with the jokes on red lobster? Or is it just a troll thing
pig n blanket xD i burst out laughing
Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson 26 dager siden
The only right thing to have "pigs in blankets" is to have beautiful sweet little pigs sitting in your appartment with a cup of hot tea or cocoa and wrapped in a blanket. THAT is how "pigs in blankets" shold be seen
muadhib001 26 dager siden
Pet food is healthier than at least half of what people actually put in their bodies
Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly 26 dager siden
In Australia and New Zealand, Christmas for barbecues is December 25th.
Tamarin Mangold
Tamarin Mangold 23 dager siden
In South Africa, too, except we call them braais! 😁
M Pierre
M Pierre 26 dager siden
Is what Reggie said true? I'm convinced 😅😅
jedidiah M
jedidiah M 26 dager siden
Gosh dangit james adjusting to the news intro song being intense made me laugh so hard
Jeremy Hockett
Jeremy Hockett 26 dager siden
We had "pigs in a blanket" when I was young, that was a hotdog, sliced open with cheese, and wrapped in bacon, held together with two toothpicks.
C D 26 dager siden
Ian's shirt looks like pajamas lol.
Dixie Dawn Miller Goode
There’s your education. Politicians lie. So true.
Carol Hendly
Carol Hendly 26 dager siden
James got some wear out of that suit this week 😳!!!
Ken C
Ken C 26 dager siden
That British couple-France-cat-pâté bit had be in stitches (because it's real life).
Will Carter
Will Carter 26 dager siden
Where is Nick Bernstein? ANSWER ME JAMES!
Zach Rez
Zach Rez 26 dager siden
Why would it be a man that made the “pig in a blanket”? Very likely was a woman.
L Uns
L Uns 26 dager siden
Every Christmas here in Australia is Christmas time for BBQ's.
Amara Emme
Amara Emme 26 dager siden
Lmao it could be a woman who invented the pig in blanket since they did a lot of cooking
Ken Williams
Ken Williams 26 dager siden
As a nys resident, I found it funny that the scratch tickets they are giving away with new vaccinations are the $20. Scratchers that have already given out the grand prize winners. Good ole honest new York fraudsters... I mean politicians. Stay safe y'all. Thanks for making us laugh James and the whole team... your all awesome
Ms. Sopheak
Ms. Sopheak 26 dager siden
Where’s Nick!?
James Turner
James Turner 26 dager siden
That was sooooo gateau 9:45
Mary Donohoe
Mary Donohoe 26 dager siden
Reg can riff on the US budget as well as music? The guy is amazing. Seriously.
Tanisha Islam
Tanisha Islam 26 dager siden
GET ONE Direction Together PLEASE
Sudhir Matai
Sudhir Matai 26 dager siden
Has James worn the same suit/tie combo for three days in a row, or did I imagine that?
K. U.
K. U. 26 dager siden
WOWOWOWOW 👏 WAIT 👏 A 👏 MINUTE ☝️😌! The UK supermarket chain ALDI!???? Yeeeeeah. Riiiiight. Well... Greetings from Germany 😏
Ganger 6 mill